Bosphorus City Sitesi Istanbul

Property type: apartment
Area (Sq Ft)


  • adaptation
  • Café
  • Central heating
  • Closed swimming pools
  • Fire protection
  • Green spaces
  • gym
  • Lakes
  • Places for children
  • Playground
  • reception hall
  • Resturant
  • sauna
  • Security
  • security cameras
  • Shops
  • Swimming pools


Location: European Istanbul – Halkley

Property Type: Apartments

Delivery time: Ready

Property Information: This project is one of the most important European projects of Istanbul. The project area is 246000 m2. It consists of 62 buildings including 2796 apartments. The residential units start from 0 + 1 to 5 + 1, with a total area of 68-645 m2.

Location Information: The Bosphorus City project transports the Bosporus Strait to the Kuchuk-Chikmeji area, specifically the vital Atakant district. It is the first in Turkey, with few similar models in the world. In this wonderful project, you can ride the boat from Orta Koi, to have tea in the Amerigan Gardens, to eat yoghurt in Canelja, and to enjoy fish dishes in Qandili. The project includes condominiums and apartments as well as the buildings on the banks of the project. It is close to Ataturk Airport and the city center so you can reach the airport within 15 minutes and reach the city center in 30 minutes.

Project Features: This project has several high-value investment advantages aimed at increasing the value of real estate by about 25% of its current price. Because it is a unique and integrated project, and meets all the needs of the family without having to leave It is actually a wonderful integrated city.

In addition to being a distinctive real estate city and containing luxury apartments, it is available with a cash or installment option.

(Suitable for Turkish citizenship)

الأسعار : prices

النوع المساحة الدنيا السعر الأدنى T.L   ملاحظات
0+1   50% دفعة أولى و الباقي على 60 شهر

“خصم كبير على الدفع النقدي ”


50% down payment and the rest at 60 months

“Big discount on cash payment”


1+1 60 M2 385000
2+1 103 M2 540000
3+1 135 M2 670000

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